Green Initiative for Clean Environs

The numerous environmental approaches undertaken during the project's construction of the new downtown of Amman confirms Abdali's respect to the environment and enthusiasm to encourage green efforts. These steps are making a difference today and will brighten up the future for generations to come, safeguarding the planet and building green opportunities for Jordan

Abdali has taken on the responsibility to implement various policies and initiatives in its various departments and divisions to protect the environment. The environmental measures adopted by Abdali include:

  • Grey Water Treatment - Circulation that are incorporated in every project within Abdali, which collects and treats grey water from showers, sinks, and swimming pools, and reuses it for irrigation and flushing purposes.

  • Energy efficiency – district heating and cooling distributed from one source to multiple buildings, a service provided by Jordan District Energy Company, which reduces electrical and power consumption, reduces electrical peak demand, and minimizes heat transfer efficiency losses  while fostering environmentally friendly practices.

Furthermore, Abdali PSC supports and encourages developers to attain LEED certification which verifies that a building project is environmentally responsible.