The New Uptown Of Amman

Abdali is Amman's new uptown that provides the Jordanian capital with the central business, social and residential destination it needs as a regional business and tourism hub.

The First of its kind

The new Abdali with its unique features constitutes the multi-use commercial center, which has been ensured by creating and implementing the best international industry practices for the development of a modern urban city center.

Elite Hotels and Apartments

In New Abdali you will find multiple options for elite hotels chains and hotel apartments for its customers from all over the world, which will make Amman the most welcoming place to receive guests; and an important element to attract tourism to Jordan.

Best Practice Patient-centered Care

The goal is to improve the local community’s health by setting a new standard of excellence in medicine, providing inclusive medical care to prevent, diagnose, manage and treat health problems.

For Those Seeking Excellence

The New Abdali, with all the unique properties it has, is the first destination for those seeking excellence, modernity and vitality, with its integrative features.