Abdali Celebrates Arbor Day

In line with its corporate social responsibility strategy to continuously support environmental sustainability and increase green spaces within the country, Abdali Investment and Development Company celebrated World Arbor Day on January 15, 2018. Chairman of the Board of Abdali Investment and Development Group His Excellency Aqel Biltaji and CEO Omar Agha planted an olive tree -more than a century old- in a key street of the Abdali development. The celebration, which was attended by the company’s management team and numerous employees, chose to highlight the venerable olive tree due to its symbolic references of the land and the homeland, as well as for being an emblem of peace, life and fertility.

This latest initiative by Abdali Investment and Development Company demonstrates its commitment to raising environmental awareness and encouraging the development of green spaces. The Arbor Day celebration is also part of the company’s policy of supporting sustainability and providing a healthy atmosphere for both its team members and the development’s visitors, all while offering an appealing environment for developers.


Speaking at the World Arbor Day ceremony, Biltaji called for increased environmental awareness as well as the ongoing protection and expansion of green areas, while highlighting Abdali Investment and Development Company’s varied initiatives in the field of conservation. 

Abdali offers both residents and visitors spectacular views and exceptional green spaces while embodying the concept of ecological sustainability through its commitment to environmentally-friendly standards that include central energy for heating and cooling, as well as gray water recycling systems that all help create a smart and positive environment for developers, visitors, and workers.

The Abdali development offers a comprehensive lifestyle that merges retail, entertainment, residential and commercial facilities set around The Boulevard and anchored by Abdali Mall. The development offers top-of-the-line residential apartments and world-renowned hotels, and includes numerous walking paths, abundant parking spaces and many other services.