Abdali Highlights its Unique Experience During the Tourism in MENA Cities Conference

14 November

Abdali Investment and Development recently sponsored the first regional conference on urban tourism, which was held under the heading of “Competitiveness for Sustainable Growth.” During the conference, Abdali highlighted its innovative experience in the field of comprehensive urban development and its role in revolutionizing the local tourism landscape.

Abdali’s sponsorship of the event reflects the company’s firm belief in the importance of accelerating urban tourism in the region and highlights the company’s pioneering status in undertaking large-scale development projects that deliver added value. The conference enjoyed a diverse turnout and featured a series of discussions, with Abdali’s presentation garnering considerable interest given its status as one of the largest mixed-use development projects on both local and regional levels.

The Chairman of Abdali’s Board of Directors, Aqel Biltaji, participated in a discussion panel that tackled sustainable development in urban areas, focusing on solutions for addressing the spiraling demand for infrastructure and public services while maintaining an edge in urban tourism. Meanwhile, the CEO of Abdali Group, Omar Agha, joined a panel discussion on integrated planning and the role of developmental management in achieving sustainable urban tourism.

During the event, Abdali sponsored a lunch held in honor of all participants from various countries and organizations, in addition to hosting a guided tour of the Abdali project, during which Agha outlined the critical role Abdali is playing in redefining urban tourism within Amman through its integrated suite of products and services. Agha also noted that Abdali has become a shining example of sustainable urban development and a key platform for a diverse array of activities for local and international tourists, in addition to hosting numerous events year-round that cater to all segments of the community.

Abdali hosts two five-star hotels, Amman Rotana and the Boulevard Arjaan by Rotana, in addition to the soon-to-open W Hotel, which means that Abdali has contributed 75 percent of the hotels launched in Amman over the past five years. Through these hotels, Abdali has provided more than 1,000 new rooms to the local tourism sector.

What sets Abdali apart is that it serves as a premium lifestyle destination that contains primary businesses and banks, restaurants and cafes, and retail outlets located at the Boulevard or the Abdali Mall, in addition to luxury residences and hotels. The area features designated areas for pedestrians and parking, in addition to a wide array of services that make it more accessible. As such, the New Abdali, with its organized and beautiful design, offers an integrated lifestyle experience at the heart of Amman that meets all needs in a single location.