1 September

Amman-September 2006- The creation of the Abdali Communication Company Psc (ACC) is now official. The newly founded, company is owned by Abdali Investment and Development Psc, which holds 50% of the shares, and Mr. Ali Shukri and International Data Exchange (Cyberia Jordan) who equally own the remaining 50% of the shares. Formed to offer its services to the new downtown Abdali and other projects in Jordan, ACC is chaired by Mr. Akram Abu Hamdan, with Mr. Jamal Itani holding the position of Acting CEO. ACC will be responsible for developing the complete set of advanced communications services in Abdali, the new Downtown for Amman. The project has an investment cost of 20 million USD (JD14.2million), which includes all equipment to be installed inside the buildings, homes and offices, and the infrastructure that is already developed in the project. As the first company in Jordan and the region to have Triple Play ready infrastructure for the provision of telephony, Internet and video services through fibers going into the heart of the homes and offices, ACC will provide services that include basic Telephony, Internet, TV and security services, as well as more advanced communication services such as Video calling and video conferencing, Video On Demand (VoD), IP Centrex (soft PBX), e-learning, and other services in the future. This will transform the new Abdali downtown into a haven of state-of-the-art technology. Mr. Jamal Itani emphasized the importance of this technological stride.