Social media influencers celebrate the Holiday Season at Abdali and experience the project’s new Go-karting Track

19 December

Abdali recently invited a number of social media influencers to celebrate the Holiday Season and introduce them to the various activities hosted at The Boulevard and Abdali as a whole.

The Abdali team took invitees on a tour of the unprecedented activities that have been especially tailored for the Holiday Season. The tour highlighted the festive ambiance at the Boulevard, which currently hosts a diverse array of events until January 6. The tour also showcased the unique designs that filled The boulevard, which included festive lights and decorations that fill every corner of the highly popular area.

Among the activities highlighted in the tour was the Tetris game, introduced for the first time as a live and interactive experience using light projection, in addition to the ice skating rink, Santa’s Closet, and others. The tour also showcased the karting track that has been launched for a limited time on the land adjacent The Boulevard, organized by the Manja International Circuit. The invitees had the opportunity to experience the track in what gave the tour an exhilarating finale.

The invitees expressed their admiration of the innovative ideas developed by Abdali, be it within the Boulevard or in the exterior locations, all of which were captured through extensive photos and videos. The tour also included a coffee break at the recently-launched Dimitri's Coffee and a special dinner at Jubran Restaurant.

What sets Abdali apart is that it serves as a premium lifestyle destination that contains primary businesses and banks, restaurants and cafes, and retail outlets located at the Boulevard or the Abdali Mall, in addition to luxury residences and hotels. The area features designated areas for pedestrians and parking, in addition to a wide array of services that make it more accessible. As such, New Abdali, with its organized and beautiful design, offers an integrated lifestyle experience at the heart of Amman that meets all needs in a single location.