The New Abdali with its unique features constitutes the multi-use commercial center, the first of its kind in the Middle East region. The New Abdali provides a new commercial center that possesses advanced and smart infrastructure and provides a variety of office spaces from small offices to the headquarters of the largest companies and institutions. The latest technology in optical fibers, which provides basic communication services such as fixed phone line, high-speed internet, security services, videoconferencing, watching TV on-demand programs (VOD), a central internet provider, and e-learning in addition to remote control services, Central energy technology for heating, cooling, and the central gas network. Close to important facilities like The Boulevard and Abdali Mall, which provide an unparalleled shopping experience, parking for staff and visitors. Global security systems for its facilities, nothing detracts from the unique corporate environment, which has been ensured by creating and implementing the best international industry practices for the development of a modern urban city center.

Working professionals are able to pursue their daily affairs in ideal surroundings developed with world-class urban planning and foresight.


Unique shopping experience and boundless luxury

The first Abdali project was devoted to giving people of good taste the opportunity to obtain their desired things, through the presence of The Boulevard or Abdali Mall, which give those who wish to shop, enjoyable and safe shopping moments at the same time. The Boulevard is a lively street surrounded by its twelve mid-rise buildings, and includes a pedestrian avenue with a length of 370 meters; it also includes a selection of brands as well as a group of luxurious restaurants, cafes, and rooftops designed in a modern architectural style. Additionally, it provides easy and safe access via a pedestrian tunnel for those wishing to reach Abdali Mall, which is the new destination of shopping which contains the largest selection of international fashion stores, many restaurants and cafes, and a cinema equipped with the latest global technologies, and unique entertainment centers that meet the interests of all family members and many other services, to provide a unique shopping experience.

Abdali Business District  

Abdali’s central business district is designed as a modern corporate environment, with a multi-functional space able to accommodate a variety of needs where organizations are set to flourish.


The Boulevard

The Boulevard is a unique addition to the beautiful city of Amman. Located in the heart of Al Abdali, the new Uptown of Amman, The Boulevard is bordered by 12 buildings, which offer a luxury shopping experience, a mouthwatering culinary journey and lavish office spaces. The Boulevard has been built to complement Abdali's vision in redefining modern living in Amman by blending business, pleasure and modern urban lifestyles in one significant location.

Abdali Mall

One of the main attractions of Abdali This state-of-the-art shopping destination is the unique home to the finest fashion brands, several cafés, and restaurants, world-class cinema theaters, and entertainment centers catering for the whole family, offering by that an unparalleled shopping experience once blended with the natural scenery to create a positive ambiance derived from the feel of an oasis that is implanted within the mall to form the visitor’s sanctuary