New Abdali as a strategic partner to host the “Awal Film Amman” activities

The new Abdali was chosen as a strategic partner to host the festival's activities, because it provides an integrated system that meets all the needs of the festival, including five-star hotels, conference and meeting rooms, terraces with views, and cinemas at the highest level.

Therefore, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Amman International Film Festival, represented by Mr. Raja Gargour, a member of the festival’s board of directors, and the Abdali Investment and Development Company represented by Bater Qardan, Group CEO.

The new Abdali will provide the ideal experience for foreign and Arab festival participants, offering them multiple options for accommodation, restaurants, cafes and entertainment places within walking distance from each other within the Boulevard, Abdali Mall and surrounding hotels. As for the Jordanian visitors to the festival, they can enjoy the festival’s activities in a comfortable and safe environment that includes many facilities such as parking spaces, pedestrian spaces, security and protection services, and other facilities